Winter NAMM 2012


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Fret-King Guitars

This is one of the living legends in my nerdy guitar world, Mr Trevor Wilkinson. The man responsible for keeping many of my guitars in tune. What some people may not know is that Trevor is also a guitar designer of some internatonatl reputation. He's the guy behind the colorful Italia (I love the Modulo), Vintage and Fret-King brands.

At NAMM 2012 Fret-King showed a new line of guitars called Black Label. Looking at the spec sheets you get very much guitar for your money and there are some signature guitars in there from some famous guitar players.

String bender extraordinaire Jerry Donahue (left) has a Fret-King Black Label Artist guitar. For more info on the Black Label check out the Hall E Crawl video to see the Elise and hear Dennis Drum explain the reason behind the Black Label.


Fuchs Amplifiers

Here's Andy Fuch in front of some of his nice amps. If I had the money for a 50W ODS I would get it at once. These amps are versatile like few and can get very nice creamy D-style distorsion.

Andy knows this and showed me his new amps that are low wattage amps with a lower price tag.

While all of them sounded very good in their own way and seemed to having been priced right, I still want a Fuchs ODS50. :-)



Godin usually show a few new products and this finish on thier popular jazz guitar grabbed my attention.

I didn't get to try this bass but I would really like to do so because to me this is not an attractive instument. And to realease an instrument like this it must sound either really good or really unique or preferably both. So when I get the chance, I will try it.


Grosh Guitars

Since I read a review in Guitar Player many years ago about a Grosh Retro Classic I have wanted to try some of Don Grosh's guitars. But somehow the situation has never been right. Not last year and not this year. Every time I passed by the booth the booth has been packed or the instruments I want to play are occupied or I 'm hurrying along to yet another meeting.

Judging by the looks and the reviews from users all over the world the Grosh instruments are to be reckoned with. If I make it to NAMM next year, I will make a point of stopping by for some serious investigation.


Hagström Guitars

My first "real" guitar was a Hagström so I have a soft spot for them. This year they showed a 12-string that I had not seen before.

New this year was this baritone guitar. Didn't get an opportunity to try it but other people did and they came away interested in it. Don't see many semi-acoustic baritones around.



Ibanez release the 30th Anniversary TS9 Tube Screamer.

To show the provenance of the pedal that displayed every incarnation and variety of the TS ever made.


Italia Guitars

There's just joy looking at the 60s European inspired designs of the Italia models.

I have promised myself that when I get some money that I can spend on whatever I would like, then I will get the red Modulo to the left here. It's just "my" guitar.


Jackson Ampworks

Here is Brad Jackson in front of one of his nice looking amps. I love seeing amps in other finishes that black vinyl and tweed.

As such I was very happy looking at the Jackson amps.


JAM Pedals

From as far away as Greece came JAM to display their very colorful pedals.

I have tried some of them and both their sound and their looks makes me want to put them on my pedal board.


JET City Amplifiers

Some people play with their modelers through a monitor wedge so why not build a tube amp in a similar shape. Here's the JCA-22W.


John Page Guitars

John Page was one of the founding fathers of the Fender Custom Shop. Without John Page, Fender would most certainly be less than what it is today. For a while John left guitar building to pursue other interests but is back and he showed some stunning instruments.

This is an obvious example where the guitar builder trancends the ordinary and becomes an artist in every way. This guitar was already sold when I talked to John and I don't know the price which is good because I don't know to what lenghts I would go to own a guitar like this.

While the guitar to the left looks a bit more ordinary than the right one there's nothing ordinary about the quality and feel.


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