This area is divided into two sections:

Profiles for the Kemper Profiling Amplifier

A list of the gear I use for recording and live work


My gear

I love nice instruments and all technology that makes me sound good!

Guitars: James Tyler SE HD black schmear
James Tyler Classic Sonic Blue "with bacon"
Collings I-35LC tobacco sunburst
Edwards SA-118 (ES-335 clone) cherry red
Sigma OM-style guitar from the 70's
Aspen/Landola classical guitar

Electric Bass: Sandberg Bullet Special

Recording amp:

Kemper Profiling Amplifier
Get my KPA rigs here:
KPA Rigs by Mats Nermark

Atomic Amps AmpliFire

Pedals: Compressors: Barber Tone Press, Diamond Compressor, Frantone Sandwich
Boost: Suhr Koko Boost, MI Buff'n'boost
OD/distortion: T-Rex Møller, Fulltone Fulldrive 2, Fulltone PlimSoul, Wampler Pinnacle, Custom Tones Ethos, Blackstar HT-Dual
Chorus: t.c. electronic SCF, Arion SCH modded by EWS
Delay: T-Rex Reptile

Amp for live work: Traynor YCV-40 (great clean platform for pedals)  
Sequencer: PreSonus Studio One Professional 2.5

AAS Lounge Lizard
Native Instruments Komplete 8
Native Instruments Session Horns
Toontrack Superior Drummer 2
u-he Zebra2
u-he Diva

VST FX: Slate Digital VCC and FG-X
Softube TSAR-1 Reverb, FET Compressor and Trident A-Range
SPL Transient Designer