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Mathisson Bass

If I had money for an expensive custom made electric bass, Mathisson would be very high on my list. This 4-string with trem was a great sounding bass and beautiful too.

I really like the wood inlays in the fretboard.


Moody Effects

Moody Effects supplies you with all you need to build an effect or two .......... or ten.


Nebelung Guitars

I didn't get to speak to the guys in charge of Nebelung Guitars but I do think the sort of reverse shape of the guitars to the right looks kind of cool .


Old guitars

There always a number of vintage dealers at FUZZ Guitar Show. Here you can find almost everything from the ordinary to some surprisingly odd pieces.


Olsson Amplifiers

This tweedy beauty is hand built by Mr Olsson, lovingly and painstakingly, one by one. It is a tweed type design but with a very definitive twist. It has two channels that you can use at the same time and mix them as you please.



Palmer is most well known for the PDI-3 power soak and speaker simulator. Here's their new amp with not less than three (3) power amp sections and you can mix the signal from all three to create some very powerful and meaty tones. It's also not expensive.

The Swedish Palmer rep, Thomas Iderström, in front of the Fat 50 amp. I had the chance to try it out a few months ago and if I was in the market for a VERY versatile inexpensive amp built in Germany (with quality to match) than the Fat 50 would be a serious contender.

Apart from the amps, Palmer also has many different switching solutions.



An eye catching array of nice PRS guitars.

This is the PRS Signature Limited with new pickups and coil switches. Very limited numbers made. Is it expensive? You bet!

PRS SE Angelus. Paul took the Angelus design and decided to make an inexpensive version outside of the US. The result is very interesting!

While I presonally don't find PRS amps expensive compared to the competition, I do realize it's a lot of money. So did PRS and decided to have the SE amp built in Asia at a very competitive price point.


Sandberg Guitars

Contrary to what their name inplies, German company Sandberg Guitars mainly makes basses. And very good ones at that. It's custom shop quality at production line prices.

They also build guitars. Here are two California series guitars. The one to the left is a new model with two humbuckers and the reverse headstock.


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