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Gypsy Jam - Fret-King Guitars

A swinging and tasty jam around the Django tradition was heard in the halls. This jam was led by guitarist Gustav Lundgren.



Hiwatt had this Townsend inspired exhibit.



Höfner, one of the big European names showed a few familiar shapes and some not so familiar.



No guitar show would be complete without Ibanez. Here are a few of the newer Artcore models.

Put you sun glasses on and install your nostalgia reviver because here they come again. Ibanez reissues a number of colors I thought we would never see again.


James Trussart

James Trussart guitars may look similar to some extent to old and tried designs but they do have a vibe of their own.



We have now become used to seeing Burkhard Lehle at the FUZZ Guitar Show. This time he introduced the IQ DI which is anDI for acoustic instruments. More and more people are realizing the top notch quality of Lehle's products.


Lehnert Amplifiers

Swedish guitar amp designer/builder Ola Lehnert showed his little amp called Rambler. Just three knobs. Drive, Volume and Power Scaling. Sounded very nice.

Here's the man himself. Ola Lehnert proudly holding on to his amp. The way I kept throwing covetous glances at it he was probably afraid I was going to walk away with it.


Lundgren Pickups

Swedish pickup guru Johan Lundgren's test bed guitar is, by now, a familiar sight at trade shows all over.Try different pickups by just sliding then in and out of the guitar. All connections are made automatically. I don't know how many offers Johan has received for this guitar but probably too many to remember.

Here you see a sample of all the different pickups you could try at the show.


Mad Professor

We all know the looks and quality of Mad Professor pedals so I thought I would show the somewhat less well know looks of the Mad Professor himself. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Björn Juhl!


Manne Guitars

A pair of basses and a pair of guitar from Manne.



Martin Guitars distributor Akustikken displayed a generous amount of guitars. Here we have the entry level series if you want a US made instrument.

I was pleased to see the return of Sigma Guitars, also shown in this booth.


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