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It wasn't a surprise to anyone to see Fender having one of the bigger booths. Here's the Fender wall starting from the left with the more expensive custom shop instruments ending to the right (out of picture) with the cheaper Squier guitars.

Old and (ab)used Fenders were plentiful at the show. You also need plentiful money.



The guys behind the FUZZ Guitar Show, Mats Bryzell and Ulf Zachrisson.


Flaa Music

Flaa Music is run by Geir Flaa who is holding up a Warwick bass.

Fashion and bass? Yup! Flaa distributes both the Warwick line as well as the DR strings that adorn this bass. Personal and colorful.

J&D is also distributed by Geir and his gang. Here's an inexpensive rosewood top tele style.


Fredholm Guitars

Fredholm Guitars from Gothenburg, Sweden displayed two absolutely beautiful instruments. I tried one last year at the FUZZ Guitar Show and heard a few more at The Holy Grail Show in Berlin. These are just superb instruments that are getting more and more attention from top players around the world.


Furch Guitars

Furch Guitars are made in the Czech Republic and have been a staple product in Swedish music stores for many years. Generally considered good bang for the buck.



A wall of new Gibson guitarsfor those of us who like the Kalamazoo setneck tradition.

If you wanted a used Gibson, they were also available at the show. This ES-175 in very good condition was even equipped with a sensible price tag.

Stockholm dealer Tip Top Music also showed som Gibsons.



GMF will sell you everything you need to build or modify your electric guitar or bass. I always look longingly at the glitter they bring to the show. This strat style body from AllParts certainly looks the business.

Glitter x 3! Also from AllParts.



Luthier Lars Arvidsson with a carve top tele style guitar he built for a special customer.

If you look closely, you'll see that the guitar also have True Temperament frets.

Lars can set you up with whatever you need. A new finish looks really new. Unless you ask for his amazingly authentic relic jobs.

For the curious of you, the word GNU is Swedish for wildebeest.



Gretsch is distributed by Fender and shared their booth at the show. All I can say is, a Gretsch definitely still looks like a Gretsch.


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