FUZZ Guitar Show 2019 - part 5


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These Go To 11

These Go To 11 started as a small store in Stockholm which specialized in boutique pedals. As they grew they started selling amps and guitars and today they are without doubt the premier outlet in Sweden for boutique gear. If they don't have it, you may not find it in Sweden.

They had a good number of One Control pedals hooked up to both a One Control BJF-S66 amp and a Marshall for testing by interested players.

These guitars by Avi Shabat are simply wonderful. If you haven't tried them, you are missing out! Eminently playable and sounds great. And they look awesome!

Nik Huber guitars to the left. A Surfmeister and an Orca '59.

If I had the money, I would order a Krautster II. The one to the right in the photo felt like it was built specifically for me.

To the left of the Krautsters are a few Suhr guitars.

More Suhr guitars surrounded by instruments from Sonnemo, Gibson and a few I can't remember.

Sebastian Nylund. Apart from being the owner of These Go To 11, Sebastian is one of the busiest and most in demand touring guitarists in Sweden, so he knows his business from all perspectives.


Tip Top

This Gibson Custom Shop 1956 Les Paul gold top from music store Tip Top was a nice player.


TLL Guitars

Two of my absolute favourite guitars at the show. I first met luthier Tobias Lindberg at the Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin a few years ago. At that time I was already impressed but now I'm floored by his designs and his craftsmanship. I could sit forever with the jazz box on the right. It was so comfortable to play with an exceptional neck and a detailed soundscape.

Two more TLL designs.

Tobias himself with my favourite TLL design. The P90s in this guitar are of a special design by Björn Juhl were he uses Strat pickup slugs which makes the P90 slightly brighter and twangier. And it looks like it was taken straight out of a Jetson family cartoon. I just love it!


Private sales

It's not unusual to see private collectors displaying and selling instruments at FGS. Here's a Gibson ES-175 in very good condition.

A Gretsch up for grabs.

A Fender Danny Gatton Signature Telecaster in mint condition.


We Buy Guitars

Vintage dealer Jan Karlsson showed a number of older guitars and basses.



Yamaha choose to display only acoustic guitars Here is the new range of FG acoustics.

Yamaha's top guy for guitars in Sweden, Lars Andersen, turned out to be an accomplished player himself.


Zuta Amplifiers

Zuta amps were a surprise to me. They showed the Zuta LA25 which is a light but still all tube 3 channel amp.

At first I wasn't interested and didn't plan to check it out, but at the recoomendation of a friend who said it "sounded like what a Bogner should sound like". So I went there and was suitably impressed. Three channels with assorted voicings and a clever user interface where the letters light up above the controls being active in the selected channel. 8 kilos and excellent for fly dates and for older players like me who just don't want the hassle of dragging heavy amps around.

What really sold me on this amp was the built-in reactive load and the best analog speaker emulation I experienced to date. The direct out flet so authentic to play that I spent more time playing than I should have.


The end

So another Fuzz Guitar Show is at end and the people exhibiting said they had a good show with just the right visitors coming around. So, hopefully I will have as much fun at the Fuzz Guitar Show 2020 as I had this year and that I will find myself, once again, surprised by new products and new companies in the musical instruments industry.

I want to say thank you to all the exhibitors who put up with all my questions, all the visitors some of whom I'm glad to call friends and Pelle Holmberg and Hans Johansson for being such great sources of musical inspiration.

I'll see you all next year!


Mats Nermark


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