Holy Grail Guitar Show 2014


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Peter Naglitsch Guitars

  Peter Naglitsch from Sweden is using the same bodu design for almost all his guitars.
Even his double-neck guitars have the same basic body design.  

  And here's the man himself holding an 8-string.


Philippe Clain

  Wood handled lovingly is always nice.
I like the way the wood structures contrast with each other. For some reason, this guitar reminds me about orchestration and how to use contrast.  


Potvin Guitars

While most exhibitors were very nice and pleasant, Potvin Guitars with Mike Potvin and his lovely wife Jennifer wins the price of most welcoming and graciuos exhibitor. I spent much time there chatting about guitars and life. Later when I edited these pictures for publishing, I noted that even the guitars look happy and welcoming.

  The 3 P-90 guitar had a neck profile that fit my hand perfectly.
A Charlie Christian pickup and a Tele bridge pickup is a very useful combination.  


Quentzel Custom Guitars

  This black design with the red strip appeals to my eye. Basic rock'n'roll with a bit of flair.
More flair and more pickups with this red sparkleburst.  

  Markus Quenzel with matching hat, hoodie and t-shirt.


Rasmussen Guitars

Yet another Swede with acoustic guitars. Lars Rasmussen's acoustics are small but sweet.  


Relish Guitars Switzerland

An interesting and unique design from the land of alps, cheese with holes and unnumbered bank accounts. I don't ski, don't like cheese nor have much money so the last few things hold no interest for me. But these guitars are very interesting indeed. Metal sides with wood top, bottom and neck. Pickup switching is either by regular switch or by touch LEDs.

  Inside we see a metal bar connecting the neck to the bridge. The pickups are connecter to the controls with connectors instead of soldered so they can easily be exchanged. So much easier and quicker than soldering. As soldering is both tedious and not for everyyone, I really wish all guitars came with connectors for pickups. I think the pickup makes would sell more pickups if it was easier to exchange them on your guitar.


Ruokangas Guitars

Juha Ruokangas brought 3 guitars and a bass and the guitar to the left called Captain Nemo probably gathered the most interest at the show.

  Captain Nemo is a concept guitar where Juha could try out some new thoughts and they are indeed new in many ways. The guitar has been in construction for 5 years and now it was ready for the world. This is a hollowbody with arctic birch for the bottom, sides and neck. The top is made of spruce.
A finish artist made the carving on the headstock and the tailpiece.  

The wood for the controls match the tailpiece and bridge.


I forgot to ask what this Sustain-o-meter does or if it's there for purly design purposes.
Newsflash!! Juha read this report and said it's signal meter for the pickup signal strenght which shows a high value as long as the note sustains. How would you know you had sustain, otherwise? Ha,ha!


At the heart of the guitar, behind glass, is this Valvebucker. Designed by Juha Ruokangas and Jorma Kostamo and wound by Harry Heussel and driven buy an electronics package that is mounted outside the guitar ...

... in this controlbox. The on/off switch is the robust handle on the left side of the box. The green light shows the pickup tubes are warm and operational and the numeric 2-digit display shows the guitar volume and indicates, as shown, that this guitar does go to 11.


Juha Ruokangas holding his baby with a stisfied smile, which in my opinion is entirely justified.

We were treated to a demo concert with the trio Earkraft and Captain Nemo performed very well in the hands of the guitar player.


Sankey Guitars


Matching guitars and sweaters were to be found at the table of Sankey Guitar. Theshape on these instruments were very pleasing ergonomically. Sankey also displayed a wonderful looking archtop but the battery in my camera died before I got a chance to take a picture of it.


Schindehütte Gitarren

Mathias Schindehütte has found a shape that fit all kind of pickup and wood configurations. I know taste is personal but I really like Herr Schindehütte's take on all these classics.


  Lika I said, one shape fits all. The 3 single coil guitar played like butter and the shape was wonderful sitting or standing.
So, please let me intruóduce you to Mathias Schindehütte. The man behind the shape.  


Schwarz Custom Guitars

Classic shapes and models made the way they really should be done.


I got the chance to play this Cardinal and compared to a real 1959 Gibson ES-335 I tried a time ago, this Cardinal beats the ES-335 hand down at all points. Quite simply a suberbly made guitar.Extra advantage is that the Cardinal is sooooo much less expensive than the 1959 Gibson. I imagine you can also get the Cardinal in the color of your choise. I do wish this guitar belonged to me.  


Seth Baccus Guitar

Different versions of the single-cut, set-neck theme could be found at Setch Baccus Guitars.


  Mahogany flat top body with a humbucker and a P90.


Sign Guitars

A cool mix of design elements coming from Germany.


Soultool Guitars

If my wife played guitar she would totally get this one. I could also easily see myself playing this but in a different color.  


Spalt Instruments

Michael Spalt was one of the few luthiers who displayed anything that I couldn't possibly see coming.

  These two guitars have shapes, design features and construction details that are truly unique. Unfortunately this picture doesn't do them justice at all. The guitar to the left had a twisted headstock that was a beatuty to behold.
This guitar is a mix of many styles and inspirations sources.  

  The reason I was aware of Spalt Instruments is because of his resin top guitars like this one. The buyer can specify a theme and even send in special objects that will be included in the build.
Here's another resin top that I like. My favorite Spalt guitar would be a resin top Butterfly with 3 P90 and a trem. I also have a theme in mind. Unfortunately, I have more content in my imagination than in my bank account so a Spalt will have to wait  

  Michael Spalt showing a resin top with DeArmond pickups.


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