Holy Grail Guitar Show 2015


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Franfret Guitars

Franfret from Spain offers many different types of guitars and versions thereof.


Frank Hartung Guitars

When I think Frank Hartung has taken his Embrace guitar shape as far as he can take it, he takes it yet another step. Frank's craftsmanship is so stunning that I have a hard time finding words to properly describe his guitars.

The guitar in front is called the "Falcon".

This headstock is one of my favorite 3+3 headstocks.

Falcon feather inlays to keep to the theme.

Continuing with the theme: Hand engraved feathers on the pickup covers.

A real Falcon feather in the tail piece.

Knobs of wood.

Here it is again in its full glory.


Grellier Guitars

Understated elegance or flashy? Christophe Grellier can give you either or. Or anything in between.Please the brige design of the two guitars in the middle. Very cool!

Luxurious Art Deco. I can just sit and look at this for hours. I'm sure I could sit playing it for hours too. Great work!  



Guitares Gérard Defurne

There were quite a few archtops at the HGGS nad Gérard Defurne's work stood out among them.

This maple back had a depth that was just impossible to capture on camera. I wonder how many hours he spent on getting the depth and gloss on this back?


Guitarras Jaén

Spanish archtops from Fernando Alonso Jaén.

Contrasting wood insert in the pickup.

The edge bevel is an unusual but very nice touch.  


Heeres Custom Guitars

I certainly admire and respect anyone who can play this instrument. Personally, I wouldn't know where to begin.

An electric version is available.


Helliver Guitars

I had never heard of Oliver Baron's guitars until I saw them last year at the HGGS 2014. I found them to be interesting takes on classic concepts and I was looking forward to seeing his work this year.


This very primitive shape attracted a lot of attention.  

One happy Helliver customer.


Hilko Guitars

A somewhat Dali-esque design of the California classics.


Strat meets Tele meets design flow.


Island Instruments

Last year I thought Island Instruments took their inspiration mainly from Danelectro. But from this years instruments I can see I was very wrong. Here is a headless design from Island Instruments.

Here are two other wildly different guitar designs. Both quirky in a good and fun way. I do like the way these instruments look!  



Luthier Nicolas Delisle, himself.



Jens Ritter Instruments

Jens Ritter truly possesses a design language of his own. Unfortunately, my camera (or more likely me), messed up the solo picture of the light burgundy colored guitar to the left. This is a gorgeous guitar. The finish of this guitar is actually made of crushed rose petals. Jens had a video of the process. The color is simply stunning.


Jersey Girl Homemade

If you are into disigns that differ from what you usually see in your neighbourhood stores, then I can recommend you direct your attention to Jersey Girl Homemade. They always blow my socks off with their unique designs. And their beauty lies not only in the visuals but also in thechnology and their total concept.

This guitar has a striking design and an ineteresting split coil design. And all trimmings are of wood.  



The combination of cool pickups and equally cool designs continues.



Guitar is available with matching strap and OD pedal. I like this a lot!



More design coordinated stuff.

And more ....  




JHG Guitars

Yet another take on a revered American design. The guitars with the wooden pickguards had the pickguards nicely recessed into the bodies.

The JHG headstock gives a nice 3-D nod to the original without having some lawyers breathing down their necks with threats of law suits.


JJ Guitars

JJ Guitars showed guitars similar to those they brought last year. Why change a winning concept?

Johan Gustavsson Guitars

Johan Gustavsson from Malmö, Sweden is one of the most in demand makers today. His Bluesmaster model is thought of as a worthy competitor to the Les Paul sunburts from the 50s. It will be interesting if his take on the Strat will attain similar status. I would not be surprised. If I could, I'd own one of each of everything Johan makes.

The man himself, with a Bluesmaster.  



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