MBritt Profiles

- your Kemper is not complete

without them

A number of years ago I got an email from Michael Britt when he got his KPA (Kemper Profiling Amplifier) and was profiling his own amps. I was very much into the KPA (still love it) and we started talking about profiling and amps. After a while he told me he had profiled a real Dumble Overdrive Special but as he wasn't used to that kind of sound, he asked me if I was interested in trying them out and maybe do some tweaking. I jumped on the opportunity and had a lot of fun with them.

Then at Winter NAMM 2016, I met Mike for the first time in person. We walked the halls and talked for a bit. During that day he told me that if I was going to visit Nashville, I should tell him so we could meet.

So when I finally got around to visiting Nashville, Mike was the first one I called and we arranged to spend a few hours together and here's what happened.

Mike is one of the founding member of the band Lonestar, so first we went to their Band Cave. On the wall there are a few awards for their records.

The Band Cave is big and has plenty of space for recreatinoal activities. To the far left there's a stage where Lonestar rehearses for tours and recordings. They also have Fan Club meetings here. To the far right is a small workshop where they fix smaller things for their tour bus.

Behind the black wall i Mike's amp storage. What you see here have been profiled and the profiles are available at www.mbrittprofiles.

If I remember corectly this is a Bandmaster that Mike had converted into Blackface speceifications and at that time decided to get a new faceplate and thus the name Brittmaster Reverb.

Here the Heritage amp that is featured in the Colonial Pack.

A somewhat uniqe 3rd Power amp specially built for Mike. A Vox channel and a Fender channel with a 100 watt EL34 power section.

Mike's favourite amp the Marshall on top of a 5150.

A close-up of the Marshall. If I could only have one Marshall profile in my Kemper, this would be it.

Now, we're very close to revealing how Mike does his profiling. Here's the set-up he's using when creating his magic.

And here's Mike himself at his profiling station. He has helepd a lot of Nashville guitar player to profile their own amps and thus been awarded the honorary title Dr Kemper.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, this concludes our visit to the origin of MBritt profiles. I create a lot of my own profiles but my musical life would not be as fun or fulfilling without Mike's profiles. If you haven't tried them, that's what should be at the very top of your to-do list.

Your tour guide,

Mats Nermark