Tray Noir Rig Pack


Tray Noir Pack



This 40-watt amp has been my go-to amp for almost all my gigs the past 20 years. It's an excellent amp as a clean platform for pedals. I call it the best amp Fender never made. So it was only natural that I started my profiling adventure with this amp.

I used a very conventional approach for this amp. Just an SM57 in front of the grill with different distances and angles. There are 32 rigs from this first session.

Then there are a lot more rigs from the second session where I put my studio pedal board in front of it. There are single pedals as well as combinations of 11 different boost, OD and distortion pedals. You'll be surprised at how big and heavy this combo can sound.

I profiled this amp using different kinds of set-neck dual humbucker guitars and two kinds of bolt-on single coil guitars and you have a lot of cool rigs in this pack covering almost every musical situation.

In case you don't have a band to try this pack with, I've also included some of my tunes as backing tracks so you can have musical fun right away.

Please note that this Rig Pack is included in the Bundle + Bonus Rig Pack at a discounted price.