D-style SSS Rig Pack


D-style SSS Pack



When researching the amps made by Mr D*mbl* I soon came across the Steel String Singer used by Stevie Ray Vaughan. As I really like Mr Vaugahn's different sounds I started looking for this type of amp. I could not find a real SSS but I did find a High Powered Device (HPD) from a company in the US that is probably the best amp I have ever experienced for clean to crunch sounds. This 150 watt power house has really good headroom, firm and well defined bass, warm and immersive mids and the sweetest top end. This is NOT a whimpy clean!

I use these rigs with all my guitars in all music genres needing a clean sound that is enjoyable to play and easy to place right in the mix. If I could only use one set of rigs in my Kemper, this would be it!

The 42 rigs in this pack were inspired by the funk of Mark L, the wide schmoo 80's cleans from session players like Michael L, Dann H and Steve L, the clean and strat tones of John M (clean to dirty with the expression pedal, if you wish), South American jazz like Louis M, straight jazz of all ages, blues of all kinds and clean to crunch sounds coming out of Nashville.

In case you don't have a band to try this pack with, I've also included some of my tunes as backing tracks so you can have musical fun right away.

Please note that this Rig Pack is included in the Bundle + Bonus Rig Pack at a discounted price.