D-style ODS Rig Pack


D-style ODS Pack



After the first Black Goop profiling session I started looking for clones, derivatives and tributes to the famous D-style ODS type amps. I came across three amps that I really liked. One was an amp brand/model known to be played by Larry C himself. The second one was an European make that used to be favoured by bluesman Joe B and the third one was a US amp model played by British blues player Matt S.

I really like these profiles with humbuckers but they do really well with a Telecaster as well.

This pack consists of 32 rigs.

In case you don't have a band to try this pack with, I've also included some of my tunes as backing tracks so you can have musical fun right away.

Please note that this Rig Pack is included in the Bundle + Bonus Rig Pack at a discounted price.