British M-style Rig Pack


Brit M-style Pack



A guitarist's tools of the trade need to include some British M-style sounds. When profiling for this pack I realized that there are so many M-style amps profiled out there so I needed to find something sort of unique or at least unusual for this genre of amps.

The first amp that got my attention was a hand wired signature head for Mike Landau made by a company in California. It has really nice crunch and gain sounds and takes pedals really well. So I profiled it first on its own and then with a lot of boost and gain pedals. Almost all pedals made at the time by an exotic company. Then, as I like the overdriven sounds by guitar virtuosos Eric J, I put an original tube driver in front of it. I also put a very good and traditional fuzz in front of it. Good times!

The next two amps for this pack were original M-style amps modded by a very famous Swedish amp modification guy. The first one was modded to get the famous brown sound and the second was modded to produce just the very best classic sounds from this type of amp.

These amps were profiled with Strat style guitars in both S/S/S and S/S/H configurations and this pack contains 27 rigs.

In case you don't have a band to try this pack with, I've also included some of my tunes as backing tracks so you can have musical fun right away.

Please note that this Rig Pack is included in the Bundle + Bonus Rig Pack at a discounted price.