Bonus Rig Pack

only available in the Bundle + Bonus Pack


Once in a while I do a profiling session where I don't get enough material for a complete Rig Pack. At first I didn't know what to do with these rigs but then I decided to put them all together in a Bunus Pack that I will include for free to those who buy my All+Bonus Pack. So in addition to getting a 30% discount you will also get these 61 rigs not available elsewhere (except for a teaser or two in the Free Rig Demo Pack).

In this rig pack you will find D-lux and Vibro type F-style amps with different speaker configurations. There's an amp we can call Incomparable and Independent. There's a rig I personally use when I want to sound like Larry C on the Nightfly album. There are quite a few rigs with my studio pedal board in front of different amps, all from clean to very gainy. There are some from the Fried Guy's Lower Back Exhaust amp and also some of an amp that's supposedly a very close copy of a D-amp owned by a certain Mr Ford.

In case you don't have a band to try this pack with, I've also included some of my tunes as backing tracks so you can have musical fun right away.

Please note that this Rig Pack is included in the Bundle + Bonus Rig Pack.