Big Bundle + Bonus Pack


All + Bonus Pack



This is the best deal possible. You get the following:

  • The Black Goop Pack, 59 rigs
  • The D-style ODS Pack, 32 rigs
  • The D-style SSS Pack, 42 rigs
  • The British M-style Pack, 27 rigs
  • The Tray Noir Pack, 93 rigs
  • The Weird and Unusual Pack, 30 rigs
  • The Bonus Pack, 61 rigs

That's a total of 344 rigs. And 61 of these are not available in any other pack (except for a teaser or two in the Free Demo Rig Pack).

If you but these packs individually it would cost $135 but here you get more than 30% off plus the Bonus pack.