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Drums recorded at Fenix Recording

Guitars, bass and keyboards recorded at Music Dreamland studio

Mixed at Fenix Recording

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Style Pack 1: Rumble Blues

Welcome to the Rumble Blues Pack!

This is the first Style Pack and includes a tune, the backing track for the tune and the presets for the AmpliFire so you can play along with the tune using the exact same presets I used. There's also a PDF document with the chords for the tune and the production notes so you can see what instruments I used when I wrote/recorded this tune.

Two of the most famous users of the Dumble amps are Robben Ford and Larry Carlton and both are great blues players. Although their amps are both Dumble their sounds are quite different so in this tune, “Double Perspective”, I aimed at finding both their lead sounds. This Style Pack also includes two additional presets for the clean rhythm guitar and electric bass.

Below is a short video introduction:
Please note that the audio in the Style Pack is much better than in the video.

Style Pack download: Rumble Blues Style Pack 1
Date posted: 2017-05-30


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